Tuesday, 13 November 2012

So you wanna call me the devil's advocate?

I've noticed my lipstick collection has been building over the past few months, so I thought I'd share a few swatches of my favourites! At the moment I seem to be sticking more to the red and purple palettes, winter just makes me love the darker shades that little bit more. (Sorry about the not-so-brilliant photos, lighting is a bit rubbish at the moment and it's kind of hard to get all the shades as accurate as possible.) 
I seem to go through different make up obsessions, and at the moment it's definitely lipsticks! 

Pink palette

(From L-R) 
1) Glossy Box in Glossy PinkRRP £9.50
2) Dainty Doll in 003 It's my partyRRP £12.25
3) Lancome Colour Design in Wannabe- RRP £9.95
4) Barry M Lip paint in 113 Sheer pink - RRP £4.25

Red Palette

(From L-R)
1) Yves Rocher in 101 Framboise/Rouge- RRP £14.50
2) Avon Ultra Colour in Red Kiss- RRP £0.99
(this shade is no longer available through Avon so I had a look on ebay, just for you guys!)
3) Barry M Lip paint in 121 Pillarbox Red- RRP £4.25
(no idea why this looks orange- it's definitely red!) 
4) Rimmel Volume Lipstick in 085 Holler- RRP £1.19

Purple Palette

(From L-R) 
The first 3 shades really aren't showing all that accurately...sorry! 
1) Revlon Super lustrous Lipstick in 475 Icy Violet- RRP £7.49
2) Rimmel Volume Booster in 062 DesirableRRP £3.99
3) Revlon Colour Burst Lipstick in 010 PlumRRP £3.49
4) No7 Sheer Temptation Lipstick in 9 SassyRRP £9.00
5) Rimmel Lasting Finish in 400 Lights OutRRP £2.99

I leave for New York on Friday, so I'm hoping to raid Sephora while I'm out there. I've had my eye on the Tarte brand for quite a while, so although this is going to be New York on a budget (i'm taking very little money out there) I'm hoping to find a lipstick or blusher that will making parting with my $$s worth it! 

If there are any lipsticks you feel I should know about, please do let me know! Lipsticks make me happy :) 

Also as a small side note- hopefully I'll be able to blog while I'm in New York so be sure to keep an eye out for those posts. It'll hopefully be everyday but it completely depends on how busy we are (or how sleepy I get!) 

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  1. Oh dude Sephora, please check out Kat Von D's line of make-up so I can be even more jealous of you ;P

    Please blog while in NYC though. <3


    1. haha ohhh well okay if I must ;)
      I shall certainly try, I'm hoping my friend is bringing her old laptop because there's no way I trust myself to bring my macbook with me haha!