Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Are you sure where my spark is?

Hi guys!
Wow, I've been meaning to write this for a few days but I've just been pretty busy and therefore tired!
I neglected to write posts on my last 2 days in NY, so I'll have to write a very brief recap (mostly because I'm still so tired and jet-lagged I can't remember anything in any other way than 'briefly.')
Before I move on to that, I just want to tell you guys what I've been up to since I returned Friday night.

Aside from working on Saturday (with my body clock 5 hours behind, it's safe to say I didn't know where I was or what I was doing!) After work, for some reason I can't quite pinpoint, I decided to dye my hair brown. So, the purple is no more. I continued to be wide awake until about 4am GMT time and then decided it was absolutely necessary for me to re-decorate my bedroom and have a furniture move. I'll hopefully make a post about the finished product, if it works out! I spent all day on it yesterday and it's not even half done, oops.
Does anybody else ever just wake up with the urge that everything in their life needs to be completely overhauled? It's quite unsettling, but hey, it gets things done!

Whilst I anxiously wait for the delivery of my iphone 5 (upgrade time- and I have no idea when it's being delivered eeep) I shall talk a little bit about New York!

Day 5-  

If my memory serves me correctly, we spent most of the day in SoHo and then about 10 minutes in Chinatown, it was absolutely insane so we sort of walked for a little while and then decided to turn back out of fear of lack of oxygen.

A bit of shopping was carried out while in SoHo, and for a while I felt like I was back in England when a Topshop and Lush was spotted.
We found an amazing shop, and we just couldn't help but buy new shoes!

Hightop wedges with studs- nice!

We went back to our hotel for a while and then headed off out on the subway to meet Vicky, stock up on food for thanksgiving and I had my first real american apartment experience. I don't know if it's lame that it made me so excited, but I don't know, I think it's nice to break out of the tourist role for a few hours and just settle in to what it would be like to live in city like NY! 


Thanksgiving marked the only day we were up and out by 9.30am. We had to navigate our way around a very busy New York in order to find out where the Thanksgiving day parade would be travelling through. Eventually we found our way and caught the first hour and a half of the parade! It was such an amazing thing to experience, especially when you realise just how many people go to New York to see the parade! 

It started to get really cold so we went back to the hotel to sort out our suitcases (a mission and a half!) and then went back to Vicky's apartment for thanksgiving dinner. This basically consisted of me cooking roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings (from scratch, first attempt, and damn they were good!) Anybody who knows me will know that seeing me in a kitchen is a funny sight, it never happens- I think i'm allergic to cooking. 
We had the thanksgiving day parade on the TV, and it was just a lovely and relaxed way to end our visit. 

Yazz and I had to get back to the hotel pretty early as we were being picked up at 3am to go to the airport, but we couldn't not go visit times square one last time. 

I love that my coat is basically a tent.

And now? I am home and very, very grumpy about this. Partially because I hated leaving Vicky, but also because I always considered myself a countryside girl at heart, and this remained true last time I returned from New York, but now it's not so much like that. I miss how busy it is at all times of the day, how easy it is to get around the city, I also kind of miss how impossible it is to have a relaxing day when out and about in central Manhattan.
Take me back there, please!

New York is the only place I've visited outside of the UK/ Republic of Ireland, and I know I have to see more of the world, but I would do anything to return to that city right now!

On a side note, I have a couple of ideas for future blog posts- but if there's anything you'd like to see me write about/any interesting 'tags' please do let me know! I've been debating making a youtube video every now and again (because it seems like less effort than typing!) but I'm not sure how keen I am on that idea. I don't know, what do you guys think?

And lastly, is there anywhere you have visited and would recommend?

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  1. Yes to videos, more Keelyface.

    1. haha maybe, maybe! nobody needs MORE of my face :p

  2. i love the photos, pikachu is so cute!