Saturday, 10 November 2012

How much longer are you gonna give in to the fear?

Last night marked the 3rd time I have seen Evanescence live! They played at Wembley Arena so we got to the venue at about 2.30. We just about made it to the front barrier, but quite far to the left- it was actually really nice to be on the side that Tim and Troy play on, the previous times I've been more towards Terry and Amy's keyboard so it made a nice change. Thankfully the view was still pretty good, and the sound was immaculate!
I'm kind of lost for words on what to say. There were tears (on my behalf, of course) and confetti, lots of singing and screaming. I had a migraine (i'm still trying to shake it off- it's been lurking since wednesday night and I can't say I'm loving it,) which did kind of dampen the experience because bright lights are not my friend at the moment, but there was no way in hell I was going to miss their last live show for this album!
The set list was incredible, and they added 'Disappear' and 'Swimming Home,' and I love 'Disappear' so that made the throbbing migraine entirely worth it.

I wish I had pictures and videos to share, but I'm 'that' person who's too busy trying to live in the moment rather than worrying about the pictures and what not. So, I'll have to steal a couple of my friend's photos.

Confetti during My Immortal <3 
Words fail me when it comes to seeing Evanescence live...they've been my favourite band for nearly 10 years and they've played such a massive, important part in my life and growing up. I hate that there's probably going to be another 4/5 year wait for another album to be released (if they release another one, that is) so that's a reality I'm just not ready to face yet.

There are very few videos of last night on youtube at the moment, but I'll leave you with this. 

Going Under...the first single I ever bought :') 

(As a side note, there were some people up in the seated area who were throwing some amazing shapes. Bit of ballroom dancing, the robot...especially the 2 older men, absolutely loved it!) 

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  1. distraught, i so wish that i could have seen this! all kinds of jealous im so glad it was worth it, i NEED to see them again i feel exactly the same way about them as you do xxx