Monday, 19 November 2012

Day 2- Have a good day y'all

Hi-de-hi campers :)
I did intend to post this last night but wow New York makes me tired; I went out to the rooftop lounge at about 8pm to have another look at the view and I came back to my room and my friend was already asleep! It's been pretty hectic.

Yesterday we went for a nosey around times square, I'll still always prefer it at night time so I might have to drag Yazz there so she can see it in it's all glory :)

We spent way too much time in Toys 'r' Us (why am I 20?! I want a Barbie Malibu beach house!) and got very excited by pretty much everything. Yazz found some Auntie Anne Cinnamon sticks so she was happy...and I was happy because we found some huge penguin stuffed toys!

We made quite a spectical of ourselves while trying to get a photo of us both and the 3 penguins, but it was worth it!

I was a bit disappointed by the lack of Adventure Time toys, there was a tiny section of stuff but nothing for Marceline (aka cartoon me.)
We went on in to a few shops; forever 21, American Eagle, Hershey Factory and M&M world...however by this point I was in a bit of a bad mood as my headache was in full force and I'd managed to lose Yazz in the crowd in the space of 5 seconds and ended up being cornered by 4/5 huge guys trying to sell me a CD. It started off with one confusing me (not hard to do, and their selling skills are incredibly good) and signed a CD for 'Kcutie' eh, and then demanding $10 off me, so I was just like 'eh sure whatever gets me away,' at which point a few more guys came along, signed cds, threw them at me and then got a bit aggressive when I didn't want them. SO, that did put me on a bit of a downer but all was healed after we made our way to the Rockefeller centre.

We had planned to go Ice skating, but with funds being what they are we didn't go yesterday. I think we'll probably leave it til later on in the week and see what we have left $$$ wise! It was pretty awesome seeing all the skaters, and the christmas tree was in the process of being put up!
We got to fast track the queue for 'Top of the Rock,' and I had timed it so that we would get there just in time for sunset. Luckily our timing was pretty good, so we got to see the sunset from the top of the Rockefeller centre which was breathtaking!
We stayed until it got dark so we could see all the lights, and we witnessed a couple getting engaged (n'awww cute!)

Once again, Empire State Building behind and the sun is just setting :)

(The sun was glaring in our eyes which would explain Yazz's face.)

I think we have a pretty busy day planned, so I'm hoping my headache will subside enough for me to not want to punch everyone in the face.
I still haven't had a Salted Pretzel, so that's definitely on my agenda!
Hopefully updated this again later or tomorrow!
P.s If we had a dollar every time we were complimented on our hair colour, we would be rich. 

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