Sunday, 18 November 2012

Day 1- First full day in NY and my funds are already low!

Hi Guys!

I'm not sure how regularly I'll actually be able to blog as it's been a bit hectic, so this is going to be pretty short!
Yesterday we started off the day by taking a visit to the hotel's rooftop lounge with breathtaking views of New York! The weather was surprisingly pleasant after being warned that New York was somewhat colder than England (quite a task!) So we soaked up the views for a while and I can easily see it becoming my favourite place for the week! It completely reminds me of Shisha bars in Camden which makes me a very, very happy person!

Well Hi there, Mr Empire State Building

There's a very friendly man who works here, and he insisted on taking a snapshot of us under an archway in front of the skyline :)

We then went down to the Hotel's restaurant/bar so I could have my first coffee of the trip and Yazz could have a mocktail (served by a rather attractive guy!)
The main reason I planned to come to New York this year (after thinking last year was a total once in a life time experience) was to see my friend Vicky, who is currently studying at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film institute, so after seeing her hovering outside of the hotel through the window I was very excited to go and pounce on her!

We just had a very relaxed afternoon, and she departed to go an Actors festival(?) so Yazz and I went on a hunt to find a McDonalds...which we were succesful in achieving after about 2 hours of getting distracted by shops!

I had my first Sephora experience, and I would compare it to heaven. I mentioned in a previous post that I had my eye on a Tarte blusher so as soon as I saw it, I just had to get my hands on it!

Mmmm the packaging <3
I got this in the shade 'dollface' for $27 (i think!)

I also had my eye on the Urban Decay Smoked palette (well, i've wanted it for so long but can't justify spending so much on it!) however, I had to put down an extra $140 deposit for the hotel, so I'm really hoping they have this palette at the Duty Free in JFK...I don't think I'd feel so guilty about it then!

I went a little bit crazy in Bath&Body Works, but I did have a $10 off voucher and I managed to get a couple of christmas presents!
I'll make a more detailed post about these items at a later date.

What girl can go to New York and not purchase something from Victoria's Secret?!
It really was all so pretty...but I like me some comfortable pants!

After the unplanned mini shopping spree, and after overestimating our appetites in McDonalds, we met back up with Vicky again to go see a show that was on at her school.
It was only $5, but I would definitely have paid way more than that! The staging was simple but the acting was effective, funny and hard hitting.
Succesful first day!

(Saying that...I'm remembering how hard it is for me to find food that I like as a very fussy vegetarian, bit of a lack of energy going on. And I still have a rather bad headache, but I'm ignoring it for the sake of New York!)


  1. That archway photograph is breathtaking, I love it. Usually when people offer to take photographs on your behalf, they frame it stupidly. This guy knows his stuff, I'm a fan. :P

    Glad to see you're having a nice time. I am living vicariously through you atm because UK life is kicking my arse. ):

    PS: When you eventually upload a photo album, I *will* be stalking through them all and commenting and crying over them etc. Consider that a warning.

    Keep safe, don't mess with guys from Brooklyn etc. ;D


    1. It was so nice just to have something so iconic so nicely framed, the guy called us over to show us (although we'd already noticed) and then grabbed my camera and told us where to stand haha!

      Photos are now all uploaded on fb, stalk away ;)
      England is now kicking my arse too :( Post NY depression is currently happening!