Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Day 3- Shake my hand, I'm the real Prince Charles.

"Dang lookin' fly, what I'd do to that!" Said the random cyclist.
Being surrounded by Americans still confuses me, you wouldn't think there was that much of a cultural difference but there definitely is!

Today has, thankfully, been another relaxed day! We pretty much spent the majority of the afternoon going around various shops, but the one that excited me the most was Bloomingdales! I didn't get chance to go in last time I was in NY so it was something I really had to do this time round. I had to divert my eyes away from the make up sections, which meant my favourite floor was easily the gift/homeware/christmas floor!

The little birdy you can see is a christmas decoration made out newspaper extracts!
I was determined to get a christmas tree decoration while out here, and I'm pretty satisfied with that.

After this we decided to locate Central Park (sometimes quite hard, considering how big it is) so Yazz could have her first Central Park experience. We also had our first salted pretzel (well, half pretzel- they're very filling!) which is another thing ticked off the list for this week.

Yazz wanted to go to Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch, for which we had to queue to get in...
I've always kind of avoided these stores, mostly because it's not the kind of clothing I'd go for, partly because it's so expensive, but also because I find the idea of shopping in a very dimly lit store with dancing girls in bikinis a bit...odd. Maybe I'm missing the appeal of it?
We then went to the Harry Potter Exhibition, I went to this last year but it's only right for a British person to visit a British exhibition. There's nothing like hearing the soundtrack to remind you of home. I kindly volunteered myself to get sorted into a house by the sorting hat, and surprise- RAVENCLAW. Complete shock after I'd said my favourite house (/the house I'm in according to Pottermore) is Ravenclaw.
We had a very intense *sort of* Quidditch game, made the mandrakes cry, chilled in Hagrid's hut and then cried over the prices in the gift shop. However, I couldn't not get this item!
That's right, a Ravenclaw pen :')

After heading back to our hotel room to offload our bags, we went back out to go to the top of the Empire State Building. I'm probably completely overusing this word when posting about New York, but the view was breathtaking. It's bizarre to see everything so lit up and for everything to be so far away but still so massive- and it was lovely to see Libby's torch lit up!

It's so hard to get a decent photo when your camera is as rubbish as mine, but just...lights!!

Now, I'm off up to the rooftop lounge to hunt out the stars (little obsession of mine- I like to see nature while surrounded by the rest of New York!) before heading off to bed. :) 

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