Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Glossy Box International Month

It's that time of the month where I've been sat waiting for the postman to deliver this month's Glossybox.

This month, Glossybox dedicated their items to all things international, spreading the beauty secrets of various countries all around the world. Once again, instead of receiving the 5 items you're supposed to, I received 6 which is always an added bonus!!

In this month's box I received: 

"Alessandro Pro White Nail Varnish" (Germany) RRP £7.85
"DHC Deep Cleansing Oil" (Japan) RRP £18.50
"All for Eve- Eve's Balm" (Charity Organisation) RRP £4.95
"Vera Valenti Eyeshadow Palette" (Spain) RRP £3.85
"Lipcote" (United Kingdom) RRP £3.99
"Glossy Box lipstick" RRP £9.50

I'll talk about the products I'm not too keen on first (bearing in mind I only got this yesterday so I haven't had time to fully appreciate anything!) 

Alessandro Pro White Nail Varnish- To me, this doesn't seem to act as anything other than a pretty good clear nail polish. Which is great, I love clear nail polish...but I would rather spend £1 on it as opposed to the RRP of £7.85. 

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil- Now, this might just be me being weird but the thought of putting oil on my face just makes me think that I'm throwing on way more impurities as opposed to removing them! This is supposed to be used as a make up remover, so I used it last night and about 30 minutes ago. It's pretty good at giving you the smeary eyed melted mascara look, and you have to be quite vigorous with it (I feared for my sight at one point!) and it does work at removing the most of my make up. I just have to use a tissue afterwards to remove the smeared mascara, and whilst doing that I discovered that without doing so I would have been left with a lot of foundation still on my face. 
Not great.
I think I'll try this for a week or so (and pray my skin doesn't explode at me!) to see if I can get used the texture. 

Lipcote- This product comes from literally 15 minutes away from my town, so thank you Glossybox for enlightening me to this fact! I remember seeing this product (in the various states of packaging) over the years and I've not paid all that much attention. I've been needing a lipstick sealer for ages as I've grown fond of violently red lipstick so I was excited to see this! 
But pain!! It stang SO much and it smells chemically. I couldn't leave it to dry, ended up blotting it and then was left with the lipstick peeling off. Delightful. 

Vera Valenti Eyeshadow- I only used a little bit of this morning (when I was getting ready at 4.45am...oh god!) and I guess I could give or take this item. It makes sense for it to be so cheap because the pigmentation on it is pretty crap. I'm not sure if I'd really use most of the colours in this palette (green eyeshadow on green eyes...should this be done?) but it can't hurt to have more brown eyeshadows!

All is not lost with this month's glossy box, as I have fallen madly in love with these two products. 

Eve's balm is a product from the company 'All for Eve' a charity raising funds for gynecological cancer. So it's nice to have a good product with the money going to a charity, good deed for the day ;) ( would have been, had I paid for this item!) 
I was instantly sold on this item as soon as I detected the hint of lavender, I then applied it to my lips and whilst at the moment my lips aren't particularly dry, it can't hurt to give 'em some luvin'! Now I can't stop reapplying it. 
This can also be used as a balm all over the body, so I've been using it on a few dry patches on my face so fingers crossed it works some kind of miracle! 

Glossybox lipstick in the shade 'Glossy pink': 

This isn't a brilliant representation of the colour, but I think it's an almost perfect compliment for my pale skin. At first I thought it would be a lot darker so I wasn't too sure, and then I tried it and yep, I love it. 
It's just a simple, classic colour with the olde vintage lipstick smell that I happen to love!  
I would definitely buy this when it runs out! 

On an unrelated note; I really am trying to be less lazy with blogging but y'know...who has the time! 
Anyway, I have a few ideas for posts that I shall try and get done over the next few days! Possibly even tonight and then I might just schedule the posting! 
Let me know if there's anything you want me to post about :) 



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