Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Glass Child

There's really no point in me writing a lot about The Glass Child...her music speaks for herself, very strongly! 
If you like music that is all heart, talent and passion then you will love this. 

I can't remember how I first heard of Charlotte, aka The Glass Child, I'm sure it was probably by rummaging through the depths of the internet; and for that I would like to give myself a pat on the back. It really has been so refreshing to listen to music that really is all about the music, with no sense of ego involved. 
Charlotte frequently updates her youtube channel just to keep her fans updated with what she's been working on, and this is just one way in which she shows her appreciation of those who have supported her. 
If you follow her on twitter or tumblr, you would soon know how important keeping in touch with her fans is and how much she genuinely seems to care about them. It's very refreshing, and I imagine very time consuming, but she does it nonetheless. 

You can purchase her CDs here or have a sneaky listen of previews via itunes, and y'know, buy something there ;)
I can't end this without leaving a few of my favourites, so here we go!

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