Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I try to tame my internet spending habits, I really do. I'm uncontrollable though.
It's worth it though, because the postman delivered some items that made me very, very happy :) 

I grabbed myself a couple of goodies from ebay, courtesy of 

My items were sent in this box and the small bag (nice little touch!) 

Items up close

I'd never even heard of an 'over knuckle ring' but I think I might actually like it! 
I usually only wear small rings as I hate the ones that are so big you stuggle to close your fingers together...but this is the perfect size so that isn't an issue! 

The prices are so good (especially if you manage to get lucky on their ebay items, like I did!) so if you like vintage and unique jewellery, accessories and clothing, you should definitely check out Dixi. 

Check them out at: 


  1. those are so pretty! i know the feeling though, i'm a shopping addict too though. last night i ordered new extensions, a midi skirt, and a peplum top. yet i'm saying to people all the time that i'm broke, arghh lol! xxx

    1. haha I 'm definitely guilty of that! But my stupid spending habits explain why I'm so broke all the time! But I figure when I get a ring for 99p or something like that...I can't really go wrong! xx

  2. I love the ring .. :) Is it safe to shop online? I had never shop online.. By the way, i'm your new follower..
    Hope you follow back!


    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! :) It's definitely safe to shop on this site, and sites that accept payment via paypal are always safe. You can usually tell if a website is legit or not :) xx