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New obsession: Glossybox

For those of you who aren't aware of what 'Glossybox' actually is; I shall try and explain it to you.
In basic terms, you pay £10 a month (plus about £3 for postage) and you receive 5 samples of various beauty products. The internet appears to be pushing me into feeling as though I need all of these products, so this is a great way for me to test out products that I hear about before spending a ridiculous amount of money and then ending up hating it...which is usually what happens.
You can't select what exact products are sent you, but there is an option for you to choose what type of products you'd prefer (skin care, hair care, make up etc.) I guess for a lot of people this box would be hit and miss...but for a tenner you can't go wrong and if you're anything like me, testing out new products is always fun!

I received my 2nd box yesterday, and had the same excitement I experienced upon opening the first box (simple pleasures!) so I figured I'd blog about this in case it was something any one else had been thinking about.
Of course, I have pictures to aid the talking.

I'm a sucker for pretty packaging, and the glossy box doesn't fail! 

The products are all sent in a rather pretty, handy little box. Great to keep beauty products in...or if you're like me, even better to leave the packaging in tact just for vanity's sake. 

In June's box I received the following items: 

  • The beauty brush is a Glossybox product...and it's made out of goats fur. At first I didn't realise this until I actually bothered to read about them and I'm still very torn about using them. The bristles are so soft and therefore really good for my sensitive skin, but the bristles also do tend to fall out. As a vegetarian, I'm kinda unsure as to if I should be using them or not. It might just be me, but it sits a little uneasy with me but then I figure I didn't actually pay for it or request it... so that makes it okay...right? 

Whilst I love using this brush purely because it is so could probably find better out there for less than £15. 

  • I've got to admit... as soon as I saw the HD Brow tweezers I instantly fell in love. I'm a little bit obsessed with eyebrows, and I'd heard a lot about HD Brow and really wanted to try the products, but as a broke student, spending £20 on tweezers seemed stupid! After using these, I would definitely have found £20 from somewhere to buy these...I don't know what it is about them, but I just love using these. You definitely get a lot more control from these when compared to other tweezers, and they're just comfortable to use. 

Long live HD Brow tweezers <3 

  • So, I haven't even bothered using this BM bronzer...I'm too pale and I'm sure that any form of bronzer would leave me looking tangoed. I'm more into peachy/rosey colours for my complexion anyway. (If anybody wants this product to test, just leave me your email address or something!)
  • Paul Mitchell conditioner...I am also very torn on this one! It's a leave in conditioner that you apply to wet hair, and as someone who dyes my hair A LOT, I'm always on the hunt for something to leave my hair in better condition. This certainly does leave my hair feeling a lot smoother and it looks a lot healthier when I use it...but oh god, THE SMELL! I can't even describe it. It's a mixture of very chemically and equally as herbal, not a good combination! If they could just make this with a better scent, I would so buy it! But I don't think I could justify spending the money on something that made me feel ill simply because of the smell. 
  • The correcting foundation didn't work as well as I expected, although as a product that (I think) was designed to cover scarring etc, using it to cover blemished probably wasn't going to get the most accurate outcome of what the product is capable of! As far as receiving it as a sample goes, it was kind of waste considering I received about 6 different shades; of which I could only use 1. Having said that, I've been using it almost every day for the past month and I've still got a bit left! So, I'd say it lasts a fair while! It's easy enough to blend in but I don't think it would be the best thing for people with dry skin as it's not particularly moisturising. 

July's box, yeyyy :D In this I received 6 items, an added bonus!

"Monu Golden Glow" RRP £23

I also received smaller samples of various other items from the Elizabeth Arden Skin Balancing line. 

After my previous excitement over the HD Brow tweezers, you can imagine my excitement at yet another item from this collection! I've only tried using this once, and I think it's going to take some practice to get used to using this product. The shade I received is one intended for blondes, but as my hair is currently purple and I'm naturally fair skinned, I figure I can probably get away with using this product. (Although saying that, I do love bold dramatic eyebrows!) 
I'm undecided if this is a product I'm actually going to like...another reason why Glossybox is awesome because oh god, spending £20 on an item I'd never use just makes me feel as though I should bang my head against a wall multiple times. I am in LOVE with this product...actual real, head over heels in love. 
It smells A-MAZING! It's a beautiful colour on your lips and actually suits my skin tone...not only that, it can be used as blusher too! I'm always a little cautious about items that can double as a lip and cheek product but the texture of this makes it so easy to blend. I've been looking for the perfect blusher for so long and guys, I think I've found it!
I will definitely be buying this item, fo sho! 

So this item is described as a "lightweight, oil-free lotion for combination skin leaves skin feeling health and balanced with a radiant appearance." 
I've only used this a couple of times, and it definitely makes my skin feel a bit healthier and a lot smoother but I'm guessing it's something you have to use over a long period of time in order to really gain anything from it.
I love the factor that it has spf in it, especially with the English weather at the moment, my skin is in need of as much protection as it can get! It does have a bit of a sun lotion smell to it...but I'm weird and kinda like that!
I'm not sure if it's a product I would buy unless I was on holiday (because that always seems like a suitable time for me to spend a stupid amount of money on one product) but if anyone were to hand me a fair amount of money, yeah I'd buy it. 

  • I've actually given the 'Monu Golden Glow' to my mum, as I used a small bit on my arm and I now have a patch that looks as though I've been tangoed. I'm not a fake tan/body glow lotion fan because I'm sure the smell of it alone turns my skin into a horrible orange colour. I can't really have an opinion on this. Bit of a waste for me to have this product. 
  • I used the Clynol shampoo this morning, and my hair is already to begin to fade (probably due to being bleached by the sun!) so I'm not sure how much of a difference it would make. Again, it's something I'd have to use over a period of time in order to judge the results, which would mean buying the full size product. OOOH SNEAKY! My hair definitely felt cleaner (no icky shampoo residue) and smoother, and I'm sure I probably would be more tempted to buy this if it didn't have that awful chemical smell. I want my hair to feel, look and SMELL healthy, not like gone off bleach. 
WOW! Apologies for this long post, I get excited!!
If you're tempted to sign up to Glossybox, you can do so here :) 
Let me know if you've found this at all useful or what you think of the whole 'idea' behind glossybox. 

I'm also aware of other sites such as the 'Joliebox,' have any of you guys used this instead? I need to not go subscription crazy...but the temptation!! 


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