Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Too Faced Candlelight Glow *review*

I have made my first step away from the world of blusher and into the land of highlighter.
I was a little dubious about how well I'd get on with a highlighter as I suffer from what I lovingly call 'moon face syndrome,' by this I mean I have a round face and pale skin yet my cheekbones are quite high (that is...once you get through my hamster like cheeks.) So, I wasn't sure if a highlighter would be of any benefit to me.
This is the first time I've used a highlighter, so I still have to figure out which technique will suit me most. (If anybody could help me without with that...that'd be great!) But as this is my first highlighter, I thought I'd go all the way and invest in the 'Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Power.' 

I purchased mine from escentual.com as I had a 10% off code for my birthday. 
At £25, I think it's fair to say I was expecting an almost-miracle. 
This is also my first Too Faced product, I've heard many good things about the brand but I still wasn't too sure what to expect! 

The main thing that stands out to me about this product is the overall look of it, it's incredibly feminine with a romantic feel about it, and that sucks in the girl in me. 

The product is bigger than I expected, although I think this is mostly due to the packaging rather than the amount of actual highlighter inside. 
What I do love about this is that there are two shades, and you can use them either individually or blend them together with your brush. I opted to blend them together so I still had a bit of colour on my cheeks as opposed to just highlighter. 

On the left you have the highlighting powder with the pink tone, and on the right is the golden tone. On the swatch they look very shimmery, but once it's blended in I've found I've been left with a small amount of shimmer and a nice, natural looking glow. 

As I said before, I think it's going to take some time before I really get the hang of how I can get the most out of this, but for my first highlighter- I'm pretty happy with it! 
Would I say it's worth the money? Eh...perhaps not! But then this is the only one I've tried so perhaps this is as good as it gets. I'm eager to try some more just so I can really compare the results! 
I've applied this down from my temples and onto my cheek bones, and added a small amount down the sides of my nose. 
Overall, I really do feel like I'll benefit from this! As I'm so pale (and I now have black hair again,) I can always use the extra lift on my skin to make look less like the living dead. Anything that can add a bit of life into my skin is always welcome! 

Unfortunately you can't really see it in the photo... but I think that just goes to show how the swatch really amplifies the colour and that it really is nice to blend in order to achieve a natural look. 

Have you tried any highlighters? If you've had any great success with one, please do let me know! I feel like this may be my new obsession...for a short while at least! 

Do you find one product reviews like this helpful? I have a few products that I've been thinking about reviewing, but then I don't want to bore everyone! 
On that note...my new Illamasqua eye shadow has just arrived, so keep an eye out for a review on that! I'm very excited to give it a try.



  1. This looks really cool, though I tend to skimp on things like highlighters as I think cheap ones still have pretty much the same effect. The only one I have is from my Sleek contour palette (which, by the way, would be great for you if you want to highlight your cheekbones, though if you do look into it don't be put off by how dark the light shade is because you only need a tiny bit blended, I use it daily and I'm super pale too) - excited to see your Illamasqua shadow too :) xxx

    1. You're probably right there! I'm just a sucker for pretty packaging, i'm sure it's an illness haha!
      I do love Sleek stuff, so I may have to give it a try at some point. Thank you for the recommendation! xx

  2. i use highbeam by benefit and honestly i just slap it on! i find a dab on my cheekbones and just under the arch of my eyebrow is enough to have impact but takes no time or effort:)


    1. I have heard very good things about that also, it may have to go on my (ever expanding) 'to buy' list! Thank you!

  3. nice item. ive got a couple of two faced things but theyve been put to the back of the drawer, i might dig them out and have a go!!

    1. If you do, please do let me know! I'm interested to see what the rest of their products are like! :) x