Friday, 18 January 2013

A full set of make up- all for under £10! *The Verdict*

Hi guys!
I'm finally back with a (hopefully) substantial beauty post! I was thinking the other day about how much money I must spend on beauty products, not even the 'luxury' things, but just my daily make up. I wanted to challenge myself to see if it was really necessary for me to spend as much as I do, so I sent myself to boots with a limit of £10 and the aim of buying replacements for my usual make up.

Here's just a brief overview of what I would usually wear on an average day...or the most basic of make up choices. I tend to change my eye make up quite a lot but I still always fall back to my trusted winged eyeliner.

L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Primer- £14.29
L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation (Rose Ivory)-  £9.99
Dainty Doll Loose Powder (002)£19.40
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush (Dollface)$25/£15.70
HD brows palette (Bombshell)£19
L'Oreal Paris Lash Architect 4D- £10.99
Bourjois Paris Clubbing Liner- £6.99
L'Oreal Diamantissime Lipstick (Feric Fushia) - £7.99

Total= £104.35 

Wow...I never expected my total to be that much...and that's with my most basic eye make up too. 
Now for the outcome of my £10 make up spree! 

Natural Collection Colour Foundation (Porcelain) - £1.99 
Natural Collection Loose Powder - (Cool Translucent) - £1.99 
Natural Collection Lash Length Mascara - £1.99
(On special offer- 3 for £5)
Natural Collection Lip Gloss (Cherry Drop) - £1.99
Miss Sporty Liquid Eyeliner - £2.79

Total= £9.78

As you can see I wasn't able to get all of my usual go to products, such as the primer, blusher and eyebrow liner or shadow. I'll be honest, the primer and blusher I can go without. The eyebrow shadow, I cannot! 

Now for a quick run down on the products. 

The foundation was a bit 'eh' for me. Mostly because I'm so pale and I really struggle to find a foundation that doesn't turn me into an orange, so that was a definite problem for me with this! 
The coverage, overall, was pretty impressive. (Although at the moment my skin is struggling to realise that I am in fact 21, not a 13 year old girl going through puberty so I could have used some extra help!)
However, if you're not overly pale or looking for something with a miracle coverage, this actually isn't  a bad product! I found it easy to apply (using my fingers as I didn't allow myself to use my normal make up applicators) and it doesn't feel particularly heavy on my face. 
I had the same colour problem with the loose powder, but aside from this, I actually prefer the finish of it to my Dainty Doll one. To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of Dainty Doll products and they're not exactly cheap, but for my pale skin it seems like the easiest option for me. I might have to rethink this product though!

Overall verdict: Not too shabby for £1.99, but I'll be sticking to my L'Oreal True Match foundation, simply for the sake of not becoming orange! 

I'll be honest, I expected the lipgloss to be a lot more vibrant, so that was a bit of a disappointment for me. However, if you're looking for something with just a slight tint of colour and sparkle, this is actually pretty good. It's not the greatest for staying on, but for £1.99, reapplying it isn't too much of a problem. 

I'm completely torn over the Miss Sporty Liquid eyeliner. I love the finish of it, but the application isn't the nicest of experiences. I found it quite hard to get an even line and I had to go over some parts a couple of times to make the overall look of it more even. 
I'll probably stick to my Bourjois Eyeliner, but I'm still pretty impressed with this product when I consider the price of it! 

As for the mascara, I think it's nice if you just want a natural look or just something to darken your eyelashes, however it didn't particularly do anything in regards to lengthening or thickening my eyelashes. Having said that, there wasn't any clumping which is always a welcomed relief!

And the overall finished look: 

As you can see, this is a very basic look and you can tell the foundation is too dark for my face (check out the chin compared to the neck- and I spent a fair while blending in!) 
I can't get used to the pale eyebrows/ winged eyeliner contrast- and this is why I love my HD Brow Palette so much! Having said that, I am pretty happy with how the eyeliner turned out, I just wish the lipgloss was a bit brighter and I had something to define my eyebrows with! 

But still, not too bad for under £10!! 

Please do let me know if you find posts like this useful (especially fellow Brits!) I'm thinking of doing a similar one with products from Superdrug as I think with the help of MUA I might get some surprisingly good results! And let me know if you decide to set yourself the same challenge. It's given me a bit of wake up in regards to how much I spend on Make up...I dread to think of how much my entire make up collection adds up to. 


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  1. I absolutely love the natural collection loose powder but I do agree that it can make you look slightly orange! It's scary how much we spend on make up isn't it, I worked out mine the other day and I was shocked haha! X

    1. haha I know you never think about what you're spending at the time, and then you add it all up! I just spent a further £25 on a Too Faced highlighter...uhoh! I usually don't mind being pale, but when it comes to having to buy expensive make up because of it, it's a bit of a pain! x

  2. That really isn't bad for £10, though I must admit I am also addicted to expensive makeup. In fact, I might have to steal this post idea eek! I do think you get what you pay for, though I have resorted to MUA a couple of times and they really aren't bad! xxx

    1. Haha steal away! I'm the same, I can't help but feel like my face is happier when it has a few nice products on it. I do quite like the MUA eyeshadows, so I am pretty tempted to set myself the same challenge for superdrug once payday comes around :) xxx

  3. what a great experiment, just shows you what you can get so cheaply

    1. It really does! Was certainly a shock realising I could have almost my full face of make up for 10% of what I'd usually spend! Old habits are hard to kick though!

  4. Fab post! Was interesting to see how to do beauty for under £10!
    Enjoyed :)

  5. MUA do a amazing 4in1 lip product that is not only long lasting but smells good too!

    1. Oooh I might have to take a look at that, thanks for the pointer! xx