Sunday, 23 December 2012

You Burn First

You burn first

Peace shirt
£22 -

Dorothy Perkins black boots
£36 -

Wine cable slubby beanie
£13 -

I wasn't planning on posting about any of my Christmas presents until after Christmas day, however last night my friend and I had our own early Christmas, and I recently treated myself to a few new items of clothing!
The tank top was one of the gifts from my friend, and I'm wearing it right now! It's so comfortable and oversized, and I have a secret love for tie dye so this is perfect for me. The hat is also courtesy of my friend, I already have it in cream but as I no longer have purple hair, I can now wear a red hat which makes me very happy.
The jeggings and boots were my own little present for myself and I love them. It's so unusual for me to wear anything but skirts and dresses, however these jeggings are so comfortable and versatile; I now own them in this wine colour and now in black too. I wasn't too sure on the boots until I tried them and I just couldn't resist. This outfit as a whole is basically what I'm wearing today (swap the jeggings for the black pair) and I really like how it is different for me but nothing something I feel uncomfortable in.

Is there anyone else who's like me when it comes to jeans...a bit too scared to wear them? It sounds silly but I always feel more exposed and body conscious in jeans than I do if I'm just wearing a skirt or dress!

Now for a photo spam...

I love this necklace, it comes on a long chain and it reminds me of the steampunk style.  The cogs turn and everything :D
My friend's dad finds my slight irish background very amusing, so this was his doing!
This will probably be my last post before christmas, so for now I'm going to continue watching Harry Potter and I hope you all have a lovely day!

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