Monday, 10 December 2012

Let's redefine what it means to heal

Hey guys!
Once again, apologies for my lack of posting. I've been to the Drs multiple times, the opticians and the hospital and its still a bit of a mystery as to what is wrong with me- but I'm on some medication that seems to be starting to work so fingers crossed! (If you're wondering what on earth I'm going on about, read my previous blog post!)
Anyway, I figured it wouldn't hurt my head too much to spend 10 minutes on my macbook and I wanted to post something about my trip to London last week.

If any of you remember, I had a bit of a battle trying to buy tickets for Alexisonfire's farewell tour (MASSIVE SOB!) Thankfully, my friend and I managed to get some so after counting down the days, it was finally time to see Alexisonfire for one last time!

We set off for London a bit earlier so we could go to Camden (she had never been before :O!) and so we could go to a Shisha bar (again- something she had never experienced.) I'm always so massively relaxed around Camden, and it's a shame we had to head off after a couple of hours as we were going to meet some friends back at the train station.
Before the gig, we all went for a few drinks in an insanely busy pub in Brixton...and before I knew it was time to make our way to Brixton Academy just in time for Alexisonfire!!
I've been to a fair few gigs, but this was in a league of it's own. The band played amazingly- but the atmosphere was just unbelievable. This probably had a lot to do with it being their final gig in the UK (and basically in the world ever) so the energy was just out of this world and it's just one of those moments where I was just stood there thinking 'I really am just happy to be here!'

Now for a few photos!

I only took a couple of photos at the gig- too busy living in the moment to bother with a camera, hence the crappiness of these photos!
Unfortunately we missed the last train it was a bit of a mission getting home, involving a bus journey, a taxi and dragging my mum out of bed at 2.30am to pick us up (what an angel!) and by which point my head was absolute agony but OH WELL!
I wish I could relive this night over and over.

Just listen to the!!

Until next time- BYEEEEEE X

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