Thursday, 13 December 2012

I want that squirrel!!

Hi guys!

I'm back with what I hope is a substantial blog post! As Christmas is just around the corner, and my 21st birthday is not much further away (January 11th, if you were wondering,) I felt a wish list was necessary! Having said that, I've barely been out into the real world or online so whilst I have a couple of ideas in mind (a hamster, an adopted penguin, letter from Hogwarts- life essentials) it's literally going to be a case of hunting around the internet whilst I do this!

Swallow Ear Plug- £9.99
Although I already have one swallow ear plug, I can't help but love this. I've had my eye on this for so long, but as I already own so many plugs I've resisted buying this. 

Amarya Beauty Box- £12.50pm
As you may know, I'm obsessed with my monthly Glossy Box subscription so the idea of another monthly beauty box makes me very very happy! As this one is full of natural and organic products, it appeals to my inner hippy. I can't quite justify paying for 2 monthly if santa wanted to sign me up, that'd be great! 
Pixi Lash Line Pen - £12
I wish I could remember where I heard about the 'pixi' make up line, all I can remember is hearing very good things about it. As someone who loves a bit of winged eyeliner, I'm always on the hunt for a miracle liquid eyeliner! 
Urban Decay Smoked Eye Palette- £31.50
Let's be honest, I wouldn't be a fan of eye make up if I didn't crave some Urban Decay make up in my life. 
Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara- £18.90
Without a doubt, this is my all time favourite mascara. I just hate that it has to be so expensive so I only ever buy it as a treat. 
Bobbi Brown Hydrating face cream- £32.40
So, I bought this last year from Macys (I was on holiday...I felt it was okay to spend that much on moisturiser!) and oh I miss it so much :( It lasted for ages and I was reluctant to accept that it had finally run out. I need this back in my life! 
Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb- £58-£80
For a while I was buying the tester sized bottles from ebay, and then I finally bought a full sized bottle from the airport but a while ago I managed to break the top off it (oops!!) so I'm left with a bottle that's just teasing me. I definitely need some more of this, it makes me very happy :) 
I stumbled across this a few weeks ago, and some money has been knocked off it since (making it all the more tempting!) and I don't know if it's right for me to love it as much as I do... 

Now, as I'll be turning 21...I can't help but feel I deserve a more 'adult' coat, as opposed to my scruffy looking khaki parka. 

Burberry Trench Coat- £1,195
My guilty pleasure in life...*daydreams*
One day this pretty shall be mine. 

I've also been trying to track down 'Adventure Time' on DVD, and you can guarantee I'll be asking for plenty of Lush, Waterstones and Amazon vouchers! 
You can also guarantee a follow on to this post, full of clothes and shoes. I'm just not feeling particularly inspired at the moment, uhoh. 

I miss the days of being a kid and flicking through the Argos catalogue, making a list of every.single.item! 

What about you, do you like making lists for people or are you all about the surprise?! 


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