Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Shop until...your bank balance cries out for mercy

As I've had to put myself on a shopping ban, I thought I'd fill in this 'Shopaholics challenge' that I found on Hannah's Blog.
So, I'm just going to dive straight in and make a start!

1. When I first realised I was a shopaholic...
About 18. Before that, I used to be so good at saving my money. I got a job as soon as I turned 16 and saved all my wages so I could completely redecorate my bedroom. Oh how I've changed. 
I think working in clothing retail has a massive part to play in it, because you're surrounded by clothes all the time and you see how quickly 'trends' change. To add to that, there's the tricky little item of a store card (which you get when you're 18) so you can get discount in select stores (until they throw on the interest, then it gets messy!) so it opens up your price range and before you know, you've managed to get a new outfit from one store. 
Yep, I went downhill when I was 18. 

2. How I feel after shopping, and how I react...
Generally, as soon as I've paid I'm constantly thinking about how much I couldn't afford to buy whatever it is I've just bought. And that will carry on up until I've worn/used the item, then the initial guilt and financial stress conveniently disappears. 
As soon as I get over the guilt, I'm happy enough to start planning outfits and what items I can wear together. 
Shopping opens up a wide range of emotions for me... 

3. My top five places to shop and why...
This is hard for me because I shop all over the place, i'm not a very consistent shopper!

Ebay- is definitely my go to website, for everything. Sometimes I think it's stupid to pay the top price for an item that I know I'll dislike within a few months, so I head over to ebay to find a cheaper make! It's also where I go to for hair dye, jewellery, make up...pretty much everything! 

Amazon- Can you tell I'm an online shopper? As much as I love Waterstones, I resent paying £8 for a book I could get for £3, ditto with CDs and DVDs, hence my love of amazon! (I also love that my sister has created a wishlist on amazon, it makes buying her gifts so much easier!) 

Primark- If you hunt enough, you can find some really nice items at incredibly reasonable prices. It my go-to shop if I need tights or simple knitwear items, but I also love that you can look in other high street stores and find a similar item in Primark for 25% of the price!

River Island- I never really consider myself that much of a River Island fan, to be honest I think the prices are a bit ridiculous when you consider the relatively poor quality of the items. Having said that, I often find myself thinking about where various items of my outfit are from, and River Island seems to crop up a lot! I'm obviously just in denial. 

Lush- I haven't actually bought anything from here in ages, but I went through a stage not so long ago of spending ridiculous amounts of money here. It was very handy to have Lush kicking around when I was vegan, so I'm definitely a fan of their ethics!

4. The item I have most of in my wardrobe...
Dresses! I own way too many. I own many dresses, many t shirts, many cardigans and only one pair of jeans.
There is no logic to my shopping. 
Saying that, if I look outside of my wardrobe, shoes would easily win- hands down. 

5. The most I've ever spent during one shopping trip...
Probably about £300. I have a feeling it would have been around christmas time, although I may just be saying that to make myself feel better. I spent over £200 in the space of 3 days not so long ago...not quite one shopping trip, but I'm still feeling guilty about that!

6. Have I ever experienced shopper's guilt, and what do I most regret buying?
I always experience shoppers guilt...never enough to regret it though :) The closest to regret I get is "Well, I didn't really need this, but..."

7. My favourite things to buy...
Make up, shoes and dresses! 

8. Do I buy the same thing in different colours?
Not really no! The only things I can think of that I do own in more than one colour are the body con skirts and the skater dresses, both of which I own in burgundy and black. 

9. Do I use dressing rooms and why/why not?
Pretty much never! I always seem to get in a bad mood if I try things on in a dressing room, so I'd rather not spoil my day! I'm a pretty good judge of sizes so I can generally tell what size to go for. If I'm with a friend and want an opinion, I might be brave and try it on, but only for a really special item!

10. Do I prefer shopping alone or with company?
It completely depends on my mood. I'm more efficient when I'm on my own and I tend to shop very quickly...and a little more outrageously probably because I know I have no one judging me. But of course, it's a lot more fun with friends!

11. If I could go shopping with a celeb/blogger/YT guru I would shop with...
Oh man I really don't know! There's nobody in particular I really look up to style wise (or I do, but I dress very dissimilar so it'd be pointless) so my choices are purely based on who I'd like to hang out with! 
Amy Lee, Taylor Momsen, Hayley Williams, Tori Amos, Dallas Green and Johnny Depp. 
Sure, that'd be a fun day. If I managed to remain conscious for longer than 2 minutes. 

12. My favourite shopping snacks are...
I don't care if I'm female, I can't multi task.
As long as I have Pepsi Max or black coffee to keep my hydrated, I'm ready to go!

13. I've always wanted to buy but could never afford...
A Burberry Coat....mmm yes please. 

14. If I had £1000 to spend I would spend it on...
Paying off debts. Seriously. Oh to be free of debt stress...
Ignoring that, I'd probably spend it on days out for me and my friends! I'd go visit a few people and just generally make the most of things that I struggle to in day to day life without the spare money. 

15. Am I a proud shopaholic?
No :( I think I need to go to some Shopaholic Anonymous meetings.  

Leave me a link to your blog if you decide to do this yourself, it would be interesting to see what everybody else has to say as far as shopping is concerned! 


  1. omg keely i think we need to go shopping together (or not LOL) we have the EXACT same attitude to shopping and the same most-common items in our wardrobe xxx

    1. Haha we would find ourselves huddled in a corner, surrounded by a mountain of clothing and pennys scattered on the floor, crying and whispering '...just...one...more...dress.'
      That's when you know professionals need to intervene! So glad I'm not alone in this though :') xxx