Thursday, 25 October 2012


I just thought I'd make this post as over the past couple of weeks I seem to be having many conversations with people who seem to think I look like someone else.  It would be interesting to see if you often get compared with certain people, so if you make a post like this please link it to me so I can check it out!

Here goes!

Firstly, here's me! Please ignore the state of my face (i.e unedited, just finished work make up face.)

Lookylikey 1: 

Amy Lee- Lead singer of Evanescence.
As much as I love this comparison, I truly believe it's only due to the pale skin, dark hair & green eyes.
She's incredibly beautiful and I could only dream of looking like her. People are just being polite!

Lookylikey 2: 

Imelda May- Irish musician!
This is someone I'd not heard of until the weekend, but a work colleague is convinced I look like her.
Again, I think it's the pale skin/dark hair thing. We do wear slightly similar make up... but eh, that's about!
I take this as a massive compliment too, though.

Lookylikey 3: 

Sophie Ellis-Bextor.
This one has followed me since Primary school age, and my sister is still convinced this is a lookylikey of mine.
AGAIN, pale skin and dark hair.
Jeez...I wish. She's stunning!

Lookylikey 4: 

Noel Fielding. 
Showing how far the pale skin and dark hair thing can be stretched.
I'm told by my brother daily that I am, basically, Noel Fielding.
Ahh..I can dream.