Sunday, 25 August 2013

Skincare Routine- Week 1 Update

Hi Lovelies,

Last Sunday you may have seen my first skincare routine post- week 0. I set myself a new routine, and I wanted to see what the results were like after the first week. I wasn't expecting miracles, but that's the amount of time it tends to take for me to know if my skin loves/hates a product!

Firstly, I'd like to give myself a massive pat on the back because I have actually stuck to it. More than that, I like my new routine! I actually enjoy taking my make up off now, and I can hear my skin sigh with relief when I treat it to the new products.
The only difference to my original routine is the addition of Skinetica, I'm sure you've all seen plenty about the product- but I really am a massive fan of it. I started using it a few months ago, and I only stopped because I had ran out and forgotten to order some more. I finally ordered some, and they arrived on Wednesday, so I've been applying it once in the morning (before moisturising) and once at night (after applying all of my products.) As always, this has really calmed down my blemishes without irritating the rest of my skin.

My skin is still far from perfect, but after it's allergy reaction fiasco, I'm so happy with the results of these products. They've really calmed it down and helped bring it back to something that resembles health. The previous dryness of my skin has completely calmed down, and it's not at all sensitive or sore anymore.
I'm also getting into the habit of cleaning my brushes more frequently- because if I'm trying to improve every other aspect of my skincare regime, I may as well include those too!

Would you like to see an individual review of the products I've been using? Let me know!!

- K

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  1. Simple is lovely :)

    I have just posted a hair styling post if your interested :D
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  2. Individual reviews would be great, especially for the Simple deep cleansing mask. I have skin like you that's quite sensitive and prone to acne and recently out up a Boots Haul on my blog which included the Nivea Exfoliator, cleanser and night cream so would be great to see how they both compare!

    1. I can absolutely work on getting that done! Would definitely be interesting to see how the brands compare :)