Sunday, 18 August 2013

Skincare Routine- Week 0

Hi Lovelies!

This is a first for me, but I thought I'd make a post on skincare routines. This has a bit of a twist to it though, as this is a new routine for me and I'll be updating over the next couple of weeks to let you know how I'm getting on with it.
There's a couple of reasons for this; I recently had a really bad reaction to a blemish cream called Quinoderm, I was fine with it for a couple of days and then my entire face became red, burnt, horribly dry and it's still recovering from this. I even have a small patch on my cheek where I think it's literally left a burnt patch.
The reason for my trying of this new cream was just to a recent break out and I found myself flitting between different products in an attempt to try and calm it down. As both of these attempts failed abysmally, I'm setting myself up with a strict routine containing products I'm pretty confident I won't react badly to.

I often feel like I'm fighting with a never-ending battle with my skin (it doesn't seem to realise that I'm no longer 13) and I refuse to believe that only high-end brands can work effectively; so all of these products are affordable, high street brands!

If you're curious about my skin type, here's a quick run down;
I have incredibly sensitive skin (allergic to most things,) prone to acne (particularly in the chin area,) open pores and currently my skin is still very dry from the recent reaction- it's usually normal/combination.

Morning Routine
I will be using these products every morning; cleansing, moisturising and then applying 'Perfect' Blur. These products aren't particularly new to me, but I'll be using them in a different way. 

I've been using this for a while now, and I know that as a rule of thumb, Simple products are inoffensive towards my skin. I like this simply because it feels like it really is cleaning my skin without leaving it dry or tight. 

Ayuuri Moisturising Indian Rose Face Cream
This has been my go-to moisturiser for such a long time, it's incredibly soothing although it's not the greatest at actually moisturising. I'm simply sticking with this because my skin doesn't react badly to this; and my only other moisturiser of choice (Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream) is a bit too pricey for me to afford at the moment. I usually use this every morning and night, but for now I'll be sticking with using it every morning before applying the 'Perfect Blur' cream.

This is a fairly new addition to my make up routine, and though I'm still undecided as to how effective the 'perfect blur' aspect is, I love how light weight and softening this is. It's the perfect base for my concealer and foundation.

Night Time Routine
These products are all new to me, so this really is where the test begins. I'll admit this, and you can all tell me off, I'm awful when it comes to taking off my make-up. I do remove it every night, but I'm ashamed to say it is through the use of face wipes; which is blogging has taught me anything, it's the biggest no-no in the book. Well, I'm ready to change my ways. This is where I'm hoping to see improvement. I'll be using these products every night, and no face wipes will be allowed (apart from the removal of stubborn mascara!) 

This is the product that will be guiding me into the world of NO FACE WIPES. I hope it doesn't disappoint. I didn't look into reviews for this, which is quite rare for me, but the packaging called out to me. I was drawn to the 'brightening' aspect of this as I've been feeling really run-down recently and I think this is starting to show in my overall complexion. 

This one speaks for itself, I'm not usually a fan of using lotions to remove my eye make up as it just seems to create more mess (/takes more time, and I'm lazy.) This might change my ways! As above, the brightening aspect appeals to me because I'm not too fond of the ghoul look I've been sporting recently.

I'll be honest, I was a sucker for the bottle and 'traditional' aspect of it, as there's likely to be loads of chemicals involved. The fact that it also acts as a toner and moisturiser appeals to the laziness in me! Also, it smells divine!

Weekly Routine
These products aren't new to my collection, however I'll be more structured in my use of them.
I'll be using the exfoliator mid-week (wednesday evening) and the face mask at the end of the week (sunday evening.)

The back of this bottle says to use this every morning and night, but to me (and for my skin type) this seems way over the top and is likely to only damage my skin. I know 'faster is better' is their tag line, but I've only ever found disasters when trying to find a quick fix to a blemish. I'll simply be using this to keep my pores clear.

I'll be using this at the end of each week just as nice treat for my skin. It doesn't do anything miraculous for me, but it really helps soothe my skin; and that's really all I ask for in life.  

That concludes my introduction to the skin post!
Please do let me know if this is something that interests you, or if you've done a similar post yourself!
I'll update this next Sunday (in 7 days) unless something miraculous/horrendous happens.


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