Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Prairie Charms Haul

I was contacted by some lovely people from the online store, Prairie Charms, to see if I would be interested in participating in 'Project Blogger.' I jumped at the chance, because let's be honest, who can resist a nice 50% off on lovely products! I had intended to only purchase a couple of items, but I got a bit carried away- here are the goodies I chose!

Kaiya Multi Wrap- £8

I love the 'home made' look of this item, and I love it even more because you can wear it in so many different ways; necklace, bracelet, hair band or bag accessory (and I'm sure in more ways if you're a little more adventurous!) I just think this is something nice to wear with a casual outfit, I always need accessories so rather than glamming something up a bit, I can go for this!

Millie Wrap Bracelet & Knot Hair Ties

Unfortunately the wrap bracelet is no longer available on the website, but this is another item that can be worn in more than just one way! I would happily wear it with or without the charms, but I think they add a nice bit of shine whilst still remaining simple and easy to wear.
The hair ties were a nice treat that had been sent to me, in purple and in red (not pictured here.)  I remember thinking how nice they looked, but didn't bother to order them. I'm so glad they were sent to me anyway as I've lived in them. They're just something nice and simple to brighten up an otherwise run of the mill ponytail, and they really do stay secure in my hair (which even normal hair bands fail to do!) 

Quinn Retro Headband- £8

Headbands are something that I love the look of on other people, but I'm yet to get to grips with wearing them myself. I still have a lot of experimenting to do, which these are great for! Not only is the pattern beautiful and perfect for (what's left of the) summer, the headbands have a piece of wire running through them so they hold the shape, meaning you can twist them in to whatever you'd style like and they'll stay there!
Despite never having worn them before, I couldn't choose just one pattern, so I opted for two! 

Do any of you have any advice on ways I can wear the headbands? I have fine hair so I struggle with styling at the best of the times! 

Let me know if you check out Prairie Charms! 


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