Wednesday, 19 September 2012

You caught me lingering in another girl's paradise...

Sights and sounds pull me back down another year, 
I was here. 
      I was here. 

I may be alone in this, but I always find September a particularly horrible month. It leaves me in an inexplicable state of nostalgia, sorrow and wistfulness. This has been the case for about 8 years now, and as such I always seem to find myself leaning towards the same things to make me feel a little better.
A prime example of this (finally getting to the point of this post,) is Tori Amos. 

Well, I say that she makes me feel better, but in fact her music reminds me of times when I've felt this way even more so. Somehow, that seems to act as a comfort. The mind works in mysterious ways...
I decided it was about time I made a Tori Amos appreciation post, because sometimes I need to remind myself of just how much I freakin' love her!
Growing up, I had heard a couple of her songs on the radio; however it wasn't until I was 12/13 that I realised it was her, as it took the wonderful invention of the internet to lead me down the path of all things Tori.
So, Tori has been with me for almost half of my life and her place in it is very much cemented.
(We also have Tori to thank for the name of this blog! Scroll down to the videos below to take a listen to 'Another Girl's Paradise') 

I've had the privilege of seeing Tori live twice, and meeting her. (I'd show you a photo...but it's really zoomed in on my face and I was blinking. Great photo taking skills, mum!) Needless to say, after this I was an emotional mess and ran off to cry. During both shows, I was just in a state of pure admiration. Every part of me was captivated as the essence of her music cloaked around everybody in the room. They were truly beautiful evenings that I will never forget.

Tori isn't everybody's cuppa tea, this is something I've had to learn to accept. Of course, I am biased and only see Tori as a hugely talented musician. There are no words to explain the way Tori and music just seem to go hand-in-hand, like it's completely meant to be and piano is just a part of her being; her voice and poetic lyrics are an added bonus. Yet she is wonderfully quirky and this is one of the many reasons why I respect her, and one of the reasons many seem to think her music is, well, shit. (It pains me to even write Tori and shit as part of the same concept.) 

If you've stuck with me through all of my rambles, congratulations, there was a point to this! I would like to share with you some of my favourite Tori Amos songs in the hope that someone else out there will appreciate them just         as much as I do!

Let me know if you're already a fan, or if you like what you just listened to...or if you have any music suggestions for me. Or just to say HI! :)

Precious Things (Live)


Taxi Ride

Cooling (live)

Welcome to England

Another Girl's Paradise

Jackie's Strength (live)


Bells for Her (live)

Girl Disappearing (live)


Hey Jupiter (live)

Silent All These Years

Take to the Sky 


Siren (live)

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