Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Beauty Blender

I had heard Essie talk about this item a couple of times, and I'm always searching for anything that makes the whole 'make up application' thing a lot quicker. 
I finally purchased this on Friday, and it arrived today! 

I got mine from Amazon for £12.80+1.25 p&p. 

I'm just going to write something briefly about this item, as I have only used it once. However, from this whole one usage I can confirm that I love it.
It makes applying foundation so much quicker and easier, and the finishing look is just a lot smoother and flawless.
Somehow, and I don't know how, when compared to the outcome of normal sponges it's just a lot more even. 
And quick? Did I mention quick? 

To use it, you simply soak it in water and then squeeze it out and towel dry until slightly damp. (Productive in keeping it clean too!) 
The smaller end is to be used around the nose, eyes, mouth for a more precise coverage whilst the larger end can be used just to splodge the foundation on and blend. (splodge...is that a word?) 

I always tend to be quite fussy about the way foundation looks, as I'm just weirdly pale and it's so hard to find a foundation that doesn't result in making me look like I'm a child of wotsit. 
However, with this fancy little blender, that doesn't seem to be a problem as it really does blend the foundation in; meaning you don't even have to worry about the make up/skin separation line. (Tide line anyone?!) 

I tried to take a photo of the outcome on my skin, I am also wearing face powder but hopefully you get the general idea. 

This is taken with my macbook camera, which I find to be incredibly brutal so y'know, this is pretty accurate! 


  1. I've heard so much about this too-i really want to get one! x

    1. you should definitely look into getting one, they're really worth the money! :)

      Checked out your blog by the way and now following :) x