Monday, 18 July 2011

Ponderings pt.2

I am currently sat in my friends bedroom whilst she is at work. Gilmore Girls is on in the background, and I'm struggling to type on a keyboard that has a dodgy space bar. So, chances are this will probably be a short blog because I'm too lazy to battle against this keyboard.

I need to write just a small bit about 'The Deathly Hallows- Part 2.'
I cried, at least 7 times!! A lot of the time it was due to 'ohhh this is the last one :'(' but I was so overwhelmed with how GOOD this movie was. I honestly think it's up there with the best of the Harry Potter's!
And Alan Rickman, wow. I am so pleased that the effort was taken show Snape justice, it was so emotional. Everyone was just amazing in it. Words cannot possibly explain how I felt before/during/after this movie.
As soon as I'm back home, I need to re-read all of the books for the billionth time, because I need to cling on to this!!

I'm still trying to work out what the purpose of this blog is for. I'm pretty dull as a person, so making it a solely personal blog would be pointless. People seem uneasy with blogs that cover a wide spectrum of things, as I tend to do. I don't like reviewing things particularly, I just like expressing my opinion. I  have a DeviantArt for my writing. It would be a flop if I tried getting more feedback from followers. 
Mehh. I'll work it out sooner or later. 

I finish work in three weeks, so I'll have more spare time to make decent blogs.
I'm off to get coffee, over n' out!!


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