Thursday, 21 July 2011


I have spent the entire day re-arranging my room and having a clear out of stuff. I've got 2 bags full of stuff going to charity, and another 3 that have been binned.
In the process, I was looking through various christmas/birthday cards, photos and whatever else happened to be laying around. I just wanted to share a few bits that made me smile!!

A page from my textiles coursework, entirely dedicated to the influence Amy Lee had on the 15/16 year old me!

I'll forgive the misspelling of my name, because this comment made me grin!! This was in my primary school leaving book, left by a teaching assistant. It was only last night that I began to doubt if I had any merit to call myself a 'writer,' but I think this reaffirms that I have been passionate about it for so long, that it'd be a shame to give up now! (I don't think I could physically do it anyway...) I also have a similar comment in a card given to me by Secondary School tutor, I'm too lazy to find this out though!

A Harry Potter birthday card- pre movies!! This has now been stuck to my wall. I completely forgot I had it. During my sorting out I found multiple photos of me sat on my harry potter duvet, wearing a quidditch jacket, playing with 'Snape's potion kit,' drinking from a harry potter goblet or stood in front of a harry potter poster.
Why do I now have to be almost 20 and have to restrain my childish needs? :(

A birthday card from my big sister!! I think she must have been about 16 or 17 at the time, and I would have been about 10. This card made me both happy and sad, because judging by the 'I miss you' comment, I can only assume she gave it to me around the time when my ex step dad didn't 'let' me see her...I remember crying a lot!!

Again, from my big sister. Made me laugh because I cannot imagine a 1 year old me appreciating this in the slightest!! 


  1. wheres the stuff from me ? :(

  2. I still have all my cards from you! But I couldn't really take a photo of all 200+ cards i've collected over the years lol! I do still have them though :)