Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Beat

Hi Lovelies!
Ahhh....I'm sorry!! I have been an awful blogger. I've just been SO busy and blogging hasn't been a priority at the moment :( Between working full time, setting up a business, publishing a book and everything in between- I'm pretty damn busy *yawn* This also means I've had basically no time to even catch up on blogs, but if there's anything you'd like a comment on just post the link to it and I really will try to take a look! To add to this, every bit of money I have has been pumped into this book so it's not like I've even bought any new products or clothes to blog about.

As this is basically consuming my life, I just wanted to give you all an update on my book.
The release date is set for 14th August, and pre-orders are now available in my store.

If you get the chance, please do take a look it over on Goodreads and maybe add it to your 'want to read' list, there's also a give away for 2 copies on Goodreads!
I Haven't Lived At All

I've teamed up with the lovely and talented Doodleheart for the illustration work on posters and postcards, these are also available in my store!
Please do give her facebook page a like! 

It would be really great if you could help support me with this by making a quick blog post or something; even just a couple of sentences would be a great help! 
If you're interested in reviewing this book, send an email to: with your blog details and format preference. 

Please like my page on facebook and follow me on twitter!

So, what have I missed in the blogosphere?! 


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