Tuesday, 25 June 2013

dreamers banished to obscurity. *Illamasqua review*

Hi Lovelies!!

Hoozaahhh I have a beauty post for you today. As most of you probably know, Illamasqua held a 50% off event on their website; I leaped at the chance to take advantage of this. I had only tried one Illamasqua product before and I wasn't that impressed, but I was determined to give them another chance and with 50% off each product, it was the perfect opportunity! After filling my basket up with many products (that I loved the look of but would probably never use) I settled on two products.

Lipstick in 'Corrupt' 
Pure Pigment in 'Alluvium' 

Originally, each item is £16.50 each, thanks to the 50% off I got both items for £16.50!

The lipstick in 'Corrupt' is described on the website as a "warm bright pink, matte finish." This is definitely an accurate description, and the lipstick is very matte. It has that 'pull' effect that good matte lipsticks are known for, I would recommend perhaps using a lip liner to begin with or a small brush to apply the lipstick as it can be quite tricky to stick to the natural shape of your lips with this (and it's something I'm still trying to get the hang of/develop enough patience to take my own advice!) 
The pigmentation of this lipstick is incredible, and I really do love the colour!

Despite the matte formula, I haven't had any trouble with it highlighting dry lips which can be a bit of an issue for a lot of matte lipsticks. I have, however, experienced flaking of this product. I've found that unlike a lot of lipsticks that just fade after a couple of hours of use, this starts to flake off and that doesn't make for an attractive look. 
As I only paid half price for this item, I can deal with that- however if I had paid the full £16.50 I wouldn't be too happy about it. 
Would I buy an Illamasqua lipstick again? Probably, when they go into sale. I certainly wouldn't pay the full price for one unless I hear of one where flaking isn't an issue. I love how bold the colours are and the variety of colours that are available, I think this is the main appeal with Illamasqua as a brand!

On to pure pigment in 'Alluvium,' (which is now on sale for £7.50, if you were interested!) This is described as something that can be used to highlight cheeks and brow bone, if you're feeling adventurous, or as an eye shadow which is the option I've opted to. I've only used this properly once, so I need to experiment a bit more with using it wet- but that seems like something that requires more time than I have available to me in the mornings when I'm undoubtedly already late for work. 
I fell in love with the colour of this when I saw the swatches on the Illamasqua website, however I seem to not be getting the same results whenever I use it. 

Isn't it beautiful!! 

Unfortunately, when it comes to applying it or swatching it, it looks a little more like this; 

As I said, I need to experiment it with it a bit more because I'm determined to fall in love with it, but at the moment- pure pigment it is not. The swatch has been done with a brush, and I've just tested it with my finger and the pigmentation is better, however it's still not quite what I expected. I imagine with the use of water and finger application it would be quite impressive; meaning it's something I could only really appreciate if I'm getting ready for a special occasion and actually have the time to go through the process.
If you're someone who is willing to invest time and effort into getting great results (and dealing with the mess that a loose powder is bound sure to make) then perhaps you would love this.
Again, I love the colour variety that Illamasqua offers but I certainly wouldn't have been impressed if I had paid £16.50 for this! I'll carry on persevering with this and hopefully I'll find a method that works for me. (I'll try and update you on this!) 

After I was left feeling a little down by the liquid metal (review here) I'm still torn as to how I actually feel about Illamasqua products. You know when there are brand that you instantly fall in love with and remain faithful to, this isn't one for me...but I still can't help but feel that I want to try more. It's going to be a rocky relationship, but it's something I'm willing to make work! 

Have any of you tried Illamasqua products before, how did you feel about them? I feel like I'm alone in a sea of people who adore their products and I'm left feeling a little deflated by them. 

I should highlight, if you make an account with the website, from your 3rd purchase onwards you are entitled to 10% off each order- very tempting and a nice bonus for loyal customers!


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