Tuesday, 8 May 2012


There appears to be a correlation between exam time and the undying urge I have to post a blog...

Here's a quick run down on my year;
- It's been pretty shit, HOWEVER,
- I have been to the Harry Potter Studio Tour
- I went to see 'Misterman,' A one man play with Cillian Murphy
- I am still in love with Camden.
- I've spent a lot of time in Yorkshire.
- I didn't fail last semester, but I'll probably fail this semester.

I am still Vegan, however last week I went to the Doctors and was told I'm anaemic and I have some trouble with my thyroid... (basically the hormone that controls your metabolism or something.) Soooo I'm debating if I should remain being Vegan. To be honest, my diet is rubbish either way so I'm not sure if it makes much difference!

Also, I broke a few toes sunday night. That was delightful.

Have a few photos :)

...and that's basically been the (pleasant side of) my year so far. 

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