Thursday, 1 December 2011

I'm rubbish with the internet.

Sorry V_V Life has been very hectic, with Uni and other stuff (and watching back to back episodes of Scrubs.)

I saw Evanescence live at the beginning of November. It was so, so amazing. No words will do the gig justice. Waited in line for about 7 hours, ordered food so it would be delivered to us, watched some fire works, got front row, threw a letter on stage to Amy Lee. Cried, a lot. Yeah.
A couple of weeks before that, I saw City and Colour (again!) Yet again, breath taking. I was standing for this one (the first time I have been for a c&c gig) and managed to get front row.

I've been to the cinema a couple of times; went to see 'In Time' and 'The Rum Diary.'
Both incredibly amazing films. I would definitely recommend you see them. Both are completely different films, but equally as good.
'In Time' definitely makes you think about the way you spend your life; a real thinker. Whereas 'The Rum Diary' is just...weird. A lot of people walked out saying 'I don't understand,' but I think that was part of the idea. The story line is really quite basic but it's full of mishaps and disasters...and random drug trips/drunken incidents. It's brilliant for quotability factor and I laughed SO much whilst watching it.

My exams start in 2 weeks, so I should probably get my revision on. Roll on the holidays!!

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