Saturday, 11 May 2013

Sounds Like Noise

Hi lovelies!

I'm back with a quick sort-of review. I previously mentioned my excitement at the announcement of Hayley William's MAC range, and after (a very small small) debate I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the 'Sounds Like Noise' lipstick.
I was going into this completely blinded to be honest, as I've never purchased a MAC lipstick before and I've very quickly fallen in love with orange, so this could either have been the greatest purchase or a complete waste of money.
I have to say, I'm very happy I bought it- and though orange lipstick doesn't appeal to everybody, I'm a complete fan!

It appears quite a lot darker in this photo, lighting was not in my favour as I've just sat through a freak storm of thunder and hale (my favourite!) You can see in this swatch just how vibrant it really is, 

It's most definitely a very true orange, so it might not compliment all skin tones but as I'm the kind of pale that has no tone to it, I think I can just about pull it off...hopefully, maybe. 
It's a matte formula, so if you suffer from dry or chapped lips it's not at all forgiving. I've since purchased a Lip Scrub from Lush in order to combat this issue, and it works like a charm!
As far as longevity goes, I find it hard to comment on. I'd say you can get a good 5-6 hours of wear if you're just going about daily business, perhaps knock a couple of hours off that if you're drinking. I don't use Lipcote or anything like that so I'd say that's really not too bad. I'm so used to topping up lipstick regardless of if it needs it that much, and as long as it doesn't smudge all over the place (this doesn't!) I'm happy with it. 

Now, on to how it actually looks!

I love that it's bright and vibrant but not too garish. 

I find it important to see how it looks whilst smiling, this is a huge debate I had with myself over black lipstick, but I'm fairly certain the orange doesn't look completely awful. Some times, things look great for the purpose of a photo, but I want it to look good for the purpose of day-to-day wear, makes sense I think. 

(I love that I constantly have a vague looking head tilt going on. ahem.) 

For today, I thought I'd go one step further by adding some further orange, in the form of nail varnish. I've been wearing this colour a lot, but as I'm wearing orange lipstick too I thought I'd tone it down by going for that 'Accent Nail' look. 

Maybelline Color Show- 182 Solar Flare

Also wearing:
Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly- Lychee

(Can we ignore how badly painted my nails are, it's a skill I don't possess, especially after the copious amounts of coffee I've consumed today!) 

So, what do we think? Am I alone in my love of all things orange? What other MAC lipsticks would recommend as a must-have in my lipstick collection?



  1. Love it!! Also love Hayley Williams so I really want this lippy but I'm a bit scared of how bright it would be but it looks less bright than I thought it would on you, I'm very tempted! x

    1. My motto is if you like it then go for it! A think a lot of it depends on your natural pigmentation, and my lips are quite pale anyway so there's no added colour to it- just the pure orange. I think it's totally wearable! :) xx

  2. Oh that looks fab on you xx

  3. I love this colour on you! xxx

    1. Aww thank you!! Sometimes it's hard to tell if you love the colour or actually love how it looks haha xx