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I've always tended to avoid Lush, despite my friends insisting that I turn into a fellow 'Lushie' and despite the huge temptation that is caused by the idea of 'almost every product is Vegan.'
But, I never have the time to pamper myself and I never have spare money.

However, since my friend bagged a job in Lush, I have fallen to peer pressure. Sad, but true.
I'm not a 'review'-ing type of person, but as I am someone who is always poor yet loves expensive, earth friendly products; I figured I'd make an exception for the few products I have tried!!

Before I start, I will state that this only the reaction on MY skin. That really is something to bare in mind, as I have very very pale and sensitive skin. And I am allergic to most products and have been known to hide for days after my face has swollen up and turned the colour of a lobster. (True story.)
I will also state, so far, NONE of the products I have tried have caused this. Instant win for me.

The Comforter
Described as a 'fruity bubbly bar.' 
Basically, you break a bit off and crumble it under hot water. It turns your bath into a lovely pink bubble bath! 
I LOVE this product, it is probably my favourite smell out of all of the bath products I've tested/used. I wouldn't say it was particularly fruity, I can't put my finger on the exact smell. But it definitely is comforting (hence the name?) and I love using this product in my bath. I end up feeling a lot more relaxed, and it's just fun to use!! It seems to make the water feel 'softer,' and therefore your skin feels soft too!!
It's a fair size too, so I tend to get about 10 uses out of it. Pretty good I think!! 
And, this product is Vegan friendly. 

Two thumbs up for 'The Comforter.' :D 

"Purifying and exfoliating herbal cleansing roll wash. Best used on oily and problem skin."
This product is a facial toner. It comes in a small black tub as a solid product, and you mix it with water to make it into a sort of paste before slapping it onto your face. (Not literally, that would hurt.)
The smell leaves a lot to be desired, and I personally thing it smells a bit like Hemp. But you get used to it and begin to strangely like it. It's also quite fun to use, although a little time consuming!
The first time I used this, the first thing I thought was 'oooh my skin is soooft!'
However, as stated before I have very sensitive skin. Not helped by the fact that I tend to suffer with pretty bad acne. (apparently my skin is allergic to air.) I would have thought that considering all of the natural products, I would have been okay. Apparently not. It's too harsh for my skin :( After 3 weeks I've had to stop using it. I started off using it daily, before changing to every 2/3 days to see if 'overusing' was a problem!
So, I have just given the rest of this to my Mum so I can see if it's good on her skin or not. I'm a bit sad, because I really wanted to have found a product that worked well on me :(
Alas, no this does not.

I imagine it would be pretty good for someone with average skin, as it does leave your skin feeling fresh and clean- always a bonus!!
For me, however, it was a waste of money and has resulted in my skin being far worse than it was to begin with. Silly sensitive skin!

This is also suitable for Vegans :)


Possibly the best bar of soap, ever.
I don't own this, but my friend always has it at her house and I get excited every time I use it.
It.smells.DELICIOUS. Honestly, I with I could eat it.
...I miss this soap.
It is THAT good.

Catastrophe Cosmetic
Facemask :) Keep refrigerated and take it out every time you fancy giving your face a treat. Simples. 

I only bought this a few days ago, so I've only used it twice.
My skin reacts terribly to pretty much every face mask I've ever tried (yes, a face mask was to blame for the lobster looking incident!)
This has a rather faint, yet simple smell to it and it looks like it should be healthy. Both good factors to possess. 
As soon as I put this on my face, I instantly felt...refreshed. My skin instantly felt smooth and as I was putting it on I couldn't help but feel weirded out at how lovely this face mask felt. 
You leave this on for 10 minutes, and it dries off a bit so you get the funny 'cant.move.mouth' experience. I, personally, think a face mask that dries is the best kind. 
After I washed this off, both times, my skin looked so much less red and inflamed. 
I had used another face mask in between (I shall write about that next!) which had left my face in a horribly painful state , so the effect of this face mask was incredible!!

I would recommend this to anyone, whether you suffer with bad skin or not, I used this product on my Mum too and she agreed on the refreshed feeling!! I've already had 3 uses out of the pot and I think I have at least another 4 left. 

Cosmetic Warrior 
Another face mask here! 
I wish I could say nice things about this face mask, I really do. But I struggle.
Trying to ignore the fact that it left my skin very red and inflamed, I just didn't like it. It didn't give me the same 'Oooh I love this' feeling that I had with the previous face mask. And all you can smell is Tea Tree.
Now, I am allergic to Tea Tree. Well, I've had a bad reaction to it once so I figured I could give this a go because the other time might have been 'just a one off thing.' Apparently not. Me and tea tree are just never meant to be, hence the red and inflamed skin I was left with afterwards.
This is supposed to be for problem skin, however I tend to find that most people with problem skin tend to also have sensitive which case, tea tree oil is not the product for you. I imagine it's pretty good for people who get a spot every now and again, but if you really suffer with it I'd recommend the previous face mask far more over this! Don't for a minute kid yourself into believing that the tea tree will burn the spots off your face yet leave the rest of it intact, I made that mistake and I was left in a fair bit of pain :( 

Volcano Foot Mask 
This weirdy, snazzy product is a foot mask and scrub. You cover your feet in it, and then shove them in a carrier bag for 10 minutes, during which your feet begin to feel as though they are being set on fire. After 10 minutes, you then rub the (now dried) product to rub the dry skin off before washing it off in a nice, much needed bowl of cold water. 
I was pretty disappointed in this product. The smell is pretty nasty, too. So there's no compensation there :( 
I've used it twice, and my Mum has also used it. She said it made her feet feel nice and soft, but I'm sure there has been next to no impact on my feet. 
I'd recommend you skip past this product, and look for a better way to pamper your feet. 
(Sorry Lush!!!) 

I hope this has been of some use and very slightly informative!! 
If not, sorry for wasting your life... ;)


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